When most folk start thinking of getting more exercise, they imagine starting a strict regime, involving a lot of discomfort and slow progress. Fortunately, exercising doesn’t need to be a torturous ordeal and can actually be enjoyable. One should never rush into getting fit as through inexperience and unpreparedness you’re more likely to injure yourself. There are, however, a number of ways one can ease into the world of exercise. The key is to enjoy it rather than seeing as an ordeal. When you enjoy your chosen form of exercise you’re far less likely to give up.


A simple way to start improving your fitness is to walk more often. If you catch the bus to work, walk an extra stop each day, or if it’s possible, walk to work! Climb more stairs rather than taking elevators. The world is home to some wonderful areas of natural beauty, most of which have paths through them. Take up hiking at the weekends or if it’s convenient, early morning. Dog walking is a great way to start getting fit. While it’s not recommended that you get a dog just to have an excuse to go walking, you could become a volunteer dog walker.


cycling-655565_960_720Cycling is a fun and practical way to get some exercise. Your stamina will rapidly improve and various muscles will build up. You could cycle to work or to the shops, or take it up as a hobby, exploring the surrounding nature from the saddle.


Swimming is a fantastic way to work your entire body as well as improve your stamina. It’s also a fun group activity, so if you have friends or family also looking to get fit, it could be a great solution.

Quick, easy and regular

Press ups, crunches, sit ups and squats are all free to do and can be completed more or less anywhere. Get in the habit of doing a set or two at various points throughout the day.