4252269469_41d2bb234d_bFinding time to get down to the gym isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on exercise. There are a number of excellent workouts that are easy to do and require minimal equipment, if any. For those that don’t like the idea of having a workout regime, but want to get fitter, these exercises are great to do on the go. A set of ten to twenty repetitions can be completed in a number of minutes and you won’t feel as if you’re doing a hard workout at all. In this way you can realistically do 100 crunches or squats a day and barely break a sweat. You could even do some now before you read the rest of the article!

Check these exercises!

No equipment, no problem

The following exercises can be completed without equipment, although an exercise mat is useful for the floor based movements.

  • Push ups – excellent for building strength and can be completed in a variety of positions to work different areas, such as wide arm to work the chest.
  • Crunches – working up to a six pack can be done in your spare time, anywhere, any time! Several different positions work different sections of the abs. Crunches are great for core strength and will improve balance over time as well.
  • Squats – for anyone looking to work the lower body, squats are easy to do anywhere. Squat jumps are good for getting the heart rate going a bit more.
  • Planks – excellent for working the abs and strengthening the back, planks are not as easy as they look.

Building strength

In order to encourage muscle growth, it’s worth investing in a set of weights and a bench. It’s important not to focus only on one muscle, but to work all of the muscles in various areas of the body. Never attempt to lift too much and for heavy lifting it is good to have a buddy with you in case of problems. Curls, deadlifts and bench presses will all work your upper body and help build mass.