imagesEating well is an essential part of leading a healthy life, but it is sadly difficult to achieve for most folks. It’s not surprising considering the sheer volume of ready made, processed foods available. Quick, easy and tasty it’s hard not to fall back into bad habits.

However, there are a number of superfoods that can be added to your diet, vastly improving many aspects of your health. While you need not eat only these foods, incorporating them into a balanced diet will help prevent illness, improve your mood and more.

  • Fish – particularly those rich in omega 3, such as mackerel, wild salmon, herring and other fatty, oily mostly freshwater fish. They do wonders for your joints, memory and can reduce the risk of heart disease. With two or three fish dishes a week, you will notice fantastic results.
  • Green or black tea – without milk or sugar, though a touch of honey isn’t a bad idea. Packed with antioxidants, tea is the go to drink of choice, and has been proved to reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer. It will also keep your immune system happy and can hold common illnesses at bay.
  • Blueberries – these powerful little berries are packed full of antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, keeping cholesterol down and helping to prevent cancer. Also anti inflammatory they stave off a host of chronic illnesses. A handful a day, fresh or frozen will do a lot more than just keeping the doctor away!
  • Oats, beans and barley – inject a fiber boost into your diet, helping with weight loss, and improving blood sugar levels. Wholegrains added to yogurt make a great breakfast, while beans can be added to a salad for an extra boost.
  • Spinach – is bursting with a variety of vitamins and iron. It is known to have a huge number of benefits such as improving vision, aiding muscle growth, reducing risk of cancer and cholesterol and many more.
  • Dark chocolate – the higher the cocoa content the better, but anything over 60% is good. Packed with antioxidants, it’s known to reduce blood pressure.